This edition of Stringmasters shares the first two working sessions with the International Conference on Algorithms for Big Data (ICABD2014), and then it continues with an usual full working day at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of Palermo University.
Participants of StringMasters are free to interact with each other or to form new research groups, as they see fit. Speakers will present their researches and problems in the scheduled time, but, depending on the interactions between participants, schedule can be freely modified. The aim of Stringmasters is not just to present to colleagues research topics and open problems, but also to stimulate the creation of spontaneous group of researchers to tackle the presented problems!

Seminar rooms will be available for discussion as required.

Scientific program:

8 Apr 2014 - Afternoon: Open Problems Presentation - Joint Session with ICABD

9 Apr 2014 - Afternoon: Open Problems Solving Session I - Joint Session with ICABD

10 Apr 2014 - Morning: Open Problems Solving Session II

10 Apr 2014 - Afternoon: Open Problems Solving Session III and Conclusion